Winter Fest! Saturday 12/16


Summary:  On Saturday, 12/16, we will be ministering at a senior high rise in Edina.  Please arrive at 1 pm and park in rear of building.  We will wear both WHITE/WHITE and WHITE/BLACK.  Further details below!

We will be dancing 2-3 times between 2 and 4:30 p.m.  This event is especially for 5-17 year olds, but adults are also included!  🙂  Lunch is included.

Date and Time:  Saturday, December 16 (2 pm) at 1 pm for practice

Location:  South Haven Apartments, 3400 Parklawn Ave. South, Edina, MN 55435

*Parking is in the rear.  Please ring 408 from the lobby phone and you will be buzzed in.  We’ll most likely be meeting on the second floor.

What to Wear:  WHITE/WHITE and WHITE/BLACK  Please wear a plain white shirt and pants/capris/culottes.  Bring also black pants/capris.  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Skirts, wraps, and overlays will be provided.

Possible Songs: 

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