You can join at any time during our Oct – May season.  To join, please complete the following Registration Form and bring to the next practice.  Please review the Informational Sheet as well.

2022-23 F2D Information Sheet– Informational Sheet About The Ministry

2022-23 F2D InformaciónHoja informativa sobre el ministerio

2022-23 F2D Registration Form– Registration Forms

2022-23 F2D Matriculación– Formularios de matriculación

F2D No Change Satement– Form for returning students to indicate there have been no changes since the last full registration form they filled out.

F2D Declaración de No Cambio y Descargo– Formulario para que los estudiantes que regresan indiquen que no ha habido cambios desde el último formulario de registro completo que completaron.

2 Responses to Registration

  1. Shakieth Brown says:

    Very helpful I love the way u explained everything so great God is truely going to bless you can u contact me via email or text message I need to ask you other questions if u don’t mind

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