AdultDanceCan you dance?…Oh, yes you can!

Haven’t had any experience, you say. Aren’t coordinated, you say. Have two left feet, you say. Are too old, you say. Don’t have that dancer body, you say. Aren’t in good enough shape, you say. Excuse after excuse.

None of that matters to God!


Do you have a heart to dance for God?

Then, that’s what matters.

Freedom To Dance, Glory Dancers, welcomes all adults who have a passion to dance before the Lord.

You will be surprised at what the Lord can do in and through you if you just let down your guard a little and step out and move for Him.

Come on Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm to try it out! Each week not only enjoy the art of dancing, but join us for prayer, praise, & fellowship. It’s a wonderful small group environment.

Who: Any adult from any church who wants to learn to dance.

No dance experience required.

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