Dancer Covenant

Mission Statement: Teaching, encouraging, & inspiring others to worship God through the use of the movement arts.

Vision: A united body of worshipers sharing our passion for our Savior, Jesus Christ with others.


o True, heartfelt worshiping of God

o Serving the Lord through the movement arts

o Removing personal hindrances to full expressive worship

o Instilling confidence to dance before the Lord

o Dancing and praising by Biblical principals

o Praying for God’s will

o Creating loving relationships within our team

o Living and acting by faith in God’s Word

o Modeling our lives after Jesus Christ

Dancer Requirements:

o AGES: Four years old through adult.

o Be prompt to rehearsals and events and sign in on the attendance log.

o Movements must be worshipful and appropriate, must not draw attention to ourselves, and must bring glory to God.

o Dress modestly for all dances to not draw attention away from God. (Legs, stomachs, chest, etc. must be completely covered with looser fitting garments). No tanks or shorts allowed.

o Respect others and strive for unity amongst team members.

o Seek to make new friends within the ministry, especially those who are new to the team.

o Respect worship garments and instruments and use appropriately. Maintain quality. Return promptly any items that are used. Report any damages to leadership.

o Seek approval from Leadership prior to scheduling or dancing in any church service/event or in representing Freedom To Dance in an external function.

Parent/Guardian Requirements:

o Complete the required forms and keep Freedom To Dance informed about changes to contact information or medical conditions.

o Notify leaders when extended scheduling conflicts arise or if the dancer decides to leave the ministry.

o Encourage dancers to share what they have learned during ministry nights.

o A parent must attend with dancers who are five years old or under. They are encouraged to dance alongside their smaller dancer to help him/her learn the movements.

o Volunteer opportunities exist, so please communicate any desire to serve with the leaders.

The Leadership Team will commit to all of the above and will:

o Teach according to Biblical principals of worship dance.

o Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not bring glory to ourselves.

o Only allow worshipful songs to be danced.

o Be available for you in any way.

o Keep communication lines open.

o Pray for you.


Dancer Guidelines & Policies

Dancer Requirements:

  • Ages Preschool through adult.
  • Be prompt to rehearsals and events & sign in.
  • Movements must be worshipful and appropriate. We must not draw attention to ourselves and must bring glory to God.
  • Dress modestly for all dances and not draw attention to ourselves and away from God. Thighs, stomachs, & chest must be completely covered.
  • Respect others and strive for unity among team members.
  • Seek to make new friends within the ministry.
  • Respect worship garments and instruments and use appropriately.
  • Seek approval from Dance Leadership prior to scheduling or dancing in any event when representing our ministry.
  • Complete required forms.
  • A parent must accompany all dancers 5 yrs old or younger.

Volunteer opportunities exist. Please communicate your desire to serve to leadership.


1.             Each year, dancers will be required to complete new DANCER COVENANT & EMERGENCY FORMS.

2.             The classes are free; however, dancers may wish to purchase t-shirts. If cost is an issue, scholarships are available.

3.             Dancers will be required to sign in each week and use a name tag.

4.             Practice ATTIRE: Dancers should dress comfortable & modest to practice. No short shorts. No camis. You may dance barefoot or wear dance or tennis shoes.

5.             EATING is not allowed in the dance area.

6.             EVENT ATTIRE: Depending on the event dancers should have either a plain black or a plain white shirt as well as either black or white pants. Modesty is important.


8.             Bathroom and water BREAKS:  Please use the bathroom before practice as our practices are short.  Also, please bring a water bottle.  We will try to include a water/bathroom break midway for the Joy dancers.

9.            Each dancer should treat others in a way that she/he wants to be treated

10.          Dancers must clean up after themselves.

11.          Discipline Flow: #1) Talked to about behavior #2) Asked to sit out for a 10 min period of reflection #3) Parent will be informed #4) Parent will be asked to attend #5) Dancer will be asked to leave.


Worship Garments, Streamers, Tambourines, Teaching DVDs 

If you would like to purchase your own black worship full-cut palazzo pants or any other worship garments, please visit Dance Wear Solutions / Spiritual Expressions if you would like to purchase your own metallic tambourine, streamers, or teaching videos, visit Shachah’s website.Teaching tapes are also available at Dancing For HimFor more information on dance, we also belong to the Christian Dance Network

6 Responses to Guidelines

  1. thank you the information given is very helpful thank you and GOD BLESS…

  2. Minister Betty Bell says:

    I praise God for you !!! this information is very helpful and pleasing. May the Lord continue to bless and use you for his perfect Glory!!! Thank you.!!

  3. Sharron Williams says:

    This is just what I was searching for! Very informative and detailed detailed​. Thank you so much and may the Lord continually bless you!!

  4. joann newell says:

    Thank you this is what I was looking for, Blessing

  5. toni andrews says:

    Do praise dances have to wear tights or hoses under their long dresses

    • danz4jc says:

      Yes, we recommend that adult and teen dancers wear culottes underneath dresses when praise dancing, since legs may be revealed when a praise dancer twirls with a full skirt. Some dancers like to fully cover their legs by wearing tights or hose, in addition, underneath the culottes. It helps keep the focus on God, not a dancer’s body. We do allow elementary aged girls to just wear tights or leggings underneath worship garments.

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