Scripture for Class 3/24, Spring Break and Thanks!

Bring Bible Verse

We are continuing the Sword of the LORD devotional activity this week for those who were not able to join us last, so please bring a Bible verse already written out for class today Thursday, March 24. It can be a scripture verse that is a favorite, your life verse, or another verse through which God has been speaking to you currently.

Spring Break, 4/14!

Mark your calendars! There will be no class on Thursday, April 14th. May you have a blessed Passover and Holy Week as we remember Jesus’ death as our Passover lamb and celebrate His resurrection bringing new life to those who believe in Him!

Women On Fire, Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came and ministered at Women On Fire in Forest Lake on March 13th! Thanks also to all those also that covered us in prayer! Many were blessed and touched by the Lord’s presence. Glory to God!!

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