Merry Christmas and Lovepower Celebration on 12/26!

“My soul is ecstatic, overflowing with praises to God! My spirit bursts with joy over my life-giving God!” Luke 1:46b-47

Celebrate Jesus’

Birth at


Church on

Sunday (12/26)

at 9:30 am!

Joy to the World! Let’s celebrate Jesus’ birth at Lovepower Music and Miracles Ministries at the 9:30 am service on Sunday, December 26! We look forward to celebrating with them the birth of King Jesus who rules the world!

LOCATION:  Lovepower Ministries 2054 James Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411


POSSIBLE SONGS: teaching videos will be sent via email or Messenger

WHAT TO WEAR:  Please wear WHITE/WHITE for the gals and WHITE/BLACK for the guys.  We will provide skirts or overlays for females, as well as accessories for all.  Females please wear modest, all white tops (sparkles are fine but no colored designs please) and pants/capris/culottes (white leggings or tights are fine for those under 12).  Males please wear white tops (can be white buttoned shirt) and black bottoms. We have a few extras, but not enough for everyone.  🙂  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or going barefoot is fine.

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Worship Dance Coach
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