September Dance Opportunities!

It is an unprecedented time and the LORD is calling us to be a part of the new things that He is doing. The Lord has directed us to wait on starting weekly classes and instead, gather to practice with those who will be part of each upcoming event. There are a number of upcoming opportunities to minister to the LORD and bring His light and joy to others this month in parks, parking lots and more! Please fill out the Doodle Poll sent via both email and Messenger to let us know which events you are able to participate in and which days work for you to practice in the evening at 6:30pm. When weather permits we will be rehearsing outside.

One Blood Revival Conference

Let us join with others “Uniting the churches and the races for the Healing of our city!!” We will be presenting several dances over the course of the conference. More details to come with more specific times.

Date and Time:  Friday and Saturday, September 11 and 12; Conference times: 9 am-9pm

Possible Songs:

WHAT TO WEAR:  Please wear BLACK/BLACK for the gals and WHITE/BLACK for the guys.  We will provide skirts or overlays for females, as well as accessories for all.  Females please wear modest, all black tops and pants/capris/culottes (black leggings or tights are fine for those under 12).  Males please wear white tops (can be white buttoned shirt) and black bottoms. We have a few extras, but not enough for everyone.  🙂  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or going barefoot is fine.

Practice videos for choreographed (i.e. not free dance) songs will be sent via email or F2D Messenger.

Worship at Crystal Lake Park on Monday, 9/14!

We have been invited back to help lead worship at another Boot Camp 4 Jesus gathering at Crystal Lake Beach this month!

Date and Time:  Monday, September 14; 5 pm practice

Location: Crystal Lake Beach, 1101 Crystal Lake Rd E., Burnsville

Possible Songs:

WHAT TO WEAR: WHITE/BLACK   Please wear a plain white shirt (long sleeves preferred) and black pants/capris/culottes.  Shoes that are easy to dance in are recommended since we will be outside on concrete and/or grass.  Wraps and/or overlay will be provided.

Practice videos for choreographed (i.e. not free dance) songs will be sent via email or F2D Messenger.

Praise Jesus with To God be the Glory Ministries

Come join us in praising the name of Jesus on Sunday, September 27, at 3 pm (2:15 pm practice)! 

LOCATION: Parking Lot of River of Life Lutheran Church, 2200 Fremont Ave. North, Minneapolis, MN (Click on church name for Google map to get directions)

PRACTICE:  2:15 pm


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