Messenger Video Group Chat this Tuesday, 4/7, at 6:45 pm!

And when you come into the land that the Lord will give you, just as he promised, and when you are celebrating the Passover, 26 and your children ask, ‘What does all this mean? What is this ceremony about?’ 27 you will reply, ‘It is the celebration of Jehovah’s passing over us, for he passed over the homes of the people of Israel, though he killed the Egyptians; he passed over our houses and did not come in to destroy us.’” And all the people bowed their heads and worshiped.

Exodus 12:25-27

Let’s get together virtually to catch up and pray with one another as we start Passover and are in the midst of Holy Week!! We miss you all would love to know how each of you are doing during this time of staying at home. We continue to lift you and your families up to the Lord and are trusting in His faithfulness in taking care of needs as we bring them to Him!

We also invite any dancers, who have not been with us recently due to conflicts with sports and such, to also join our conversation tomorrow! To be added to the “F2D Classroom” Messenger group, please private message Jolene or Cheryl to be added. Thanks!

We look forward to connecting with Freedom to Dance members, both current and former, on the F2D Classroom Messenger group tomorrow (4/7) at 6:45 pm!

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