December/Christmas Events!


Summary: We will be ministering at Apostolic Christ Church (12/14), The Father’s House and possibly La Casa de Padre (12/22), and Stonecrest Senior Living (12/29).  We will dance 2-3 songs and wear WHITE/WHITE for females and WHITE/BLACK for the males.  Please let us know which events you will be able to attend!

1.  Christ Apostolic Church 

Join us in spreading God’s Light and Joy during this Christmas season at Christ Apostolic Church’s “The Pentecost” conference!  The meeting starts at 6 pm and we will gather at 5 pm to prepare.

Date:  Saturday, December 14

Time:  5 pm

Location:  Atonement Lutheran Church , 1980 Silver Lake Road, New Brighton, MN 55112

2.  The Father’s House/La Casa del Padre 

Let’s celebrate Jesus’ First Coming with The Father’s House!  We may also celebrate La Navidad de Jesus with La Casa del Padre as well!  At this time we are hoping to eat together between services and enjoy each other’s fellowship.

DATE:  Sunday, December 22

TIME:   10 am and 2 pm service times  (9:15 and/or 1:30 practice)

PRACTICE:  Arrive at 9:15 am or 1:30 am that day.  Practice videos will be sent via email or F2D Messenger.

LOCATION:  The Father’s House (609 West Travelers Trail, Burnsville, MN)

3. Stonecrest Senior Living   

You are invited to join us for the 1 pm chapel service at Stonecrest Senior Living on Sunday, December 29, to help share the Joy of the Lord this Christmas season with the residents through dancing for Jesus!!

Date:  Sunday, December 29

Location:  Stonecrest Senior Living ,

Practice:  Please arrive at 12:15 pm

Songs: teaching videos will be sent via email or Messenger

What to wear:  Please wear WHITE/WHITE for the gals and WHITE/BLACK for the guys.  We will provide skirts or overlays for females, as well as accessories for all.  Please start looking now for modest, all white tops (sparkles are fine but no colored designs please) and pants/capris/culottes for your female dancer(s) to wear, if you do not currently have them.  The males will wear white tops (can be white buttoned shirt) and black bottoms. We have a few extras, but not enough for everyone.  🙂  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or going barefoot is fine.

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