Summer Ministry Opportunity on Monday, 8/12!


Summary:  Practice tonight (6/9) at 6:30 at The Father’s House.  Join us to minister at Boot Camp For Jesus (1500 McAndrews Rd. W., Burnsville)  Monday, Aug. 12! Gather for practice at 5:45 pm; Boot Camp starts at 7 pm.  Please RSVP!

Summer ministry opportunity at Boot Camp for Jesus on Monday, Aug. 12!

We will be  practicing at The Father’s House (609 W Traveler’s Trail, Burnsville) at 6:30 pm Friday (6/9) and you are invited to stay for a bonfire at Miss Jolene’s home (400 Heritage Circle N, Burnsville) a few blocks away afterwards!!

Information for the day of the event:

Date and Time:  August 12 (Monday) at 5:45 pm (meeting starts at 7 pm and we will dance about 7:15, after which you may leave)

Location:  Summit Townhomes Party Room, 1500 McAndrews Rd W, Burnsville  (Party room door is by pool)

Practice time that night:  5:45 pm Pray and practice in space before 6:30 pm; Put on outfits after 6:30 pm for ministering around 7:15 pm


WHAT TO WEAR: WHITE/BLACK   Please wear a plain white shirt (long sleeves preferred) and black pants/capris/culottes.  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Wraps and/or overlay will be provided.

And, if you haven’t LIKED our Freedom To Dance facebook, it is:

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