Lighthouse Kids Invite for Sunday (1/20)

We are leading worship for the Lighthouse Kids at Lighthouse Christian Church on Sunday,  January 20 at 10:20 am (Practice 9:30 am).   Please wear F2D T Shirt/BLACK.  Songs listed below.

We have been invited to lead worship for Lighthouse Kids on Sunday, January 20, at 10:20 am during the morning worship service.  Lighthouse Christian Church is 2 blocks away from Robert Trail Library, where we will hold our first class of 2019 next Tuesday, January 15.  Please let us know if you are able to join us!

  Location:  Lighthouse Christian Church, 3285 144th Street West, Rosemount, MN (enter main doors, take left past coat racks and go down hall to Life Center)

     Practice:  Please arrive by 9:30 am.

Possible Songs: 

WHAT TO WEAR: F2D T SHIRT/BLACK  Please wear your F2D T Shirt and black pants/capris/culottes.  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Wraps and/or overlay will be provided.



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