Reminder Respond by June 27!

Thanks to everyone who has responded regarding availability to minister at the Fallout Arts Initiative Block Party on Saturday, July 28th!  If you have not responded, please take this Freedom to Dance poll (click on the words to go to polling web page) by Wednesday, June 27, and let us know which 2 hour time blocks you are available that day.  Either email or message us if you are not available.  Thanks so much!

DAY/TIME:  Saturday, July 28, Time TBD by F2D poll and Party organizer

LOCATION:  2609 Stevens Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 

2 HOUR TIME BLOCK BREAKDOWN:  We will meet approximately an hour before we are to go on stage.  We will be given a 30 minute time slot (20 minutes for dancing and 10 minutes for transitioning) on stage.  The 2 hours include an additional 30 minutes for transition, photos, and any clean up that needs to happen after we dance.

TBD:  Songs (Praying about “Bleed,” “Forgiveness,” “Light Shine Bright,” and “Gold” are being considered.  If you do not know a song you can either do flags, sit out, or just join in on choruses.); What to wear; and Practice day, time, and place (hopefully the week of July 23)



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