Enthroning King Jesus at National Day of Prayer


Praise King Jesus for gorgeous weather and a great turnout of prayer warriors and dancers for the National Day of Prayer on May 3!  To His name be all the glory!!

It was a blessing to join others in the rotunda at 10 am to pray for all of our legislators.  We were able to send each of them a personalized card letting them know we prayed for them.  Thanks to Dan Adler and the Heart of the City worship band for leading us before the Lord at the start of the 11:30 am program.  Having the generations take turns on the verses for “Revelation Song” fit well with the theme of Unity and bringing everyone together!  It was powerful to have legislators from both parties come out to be prayed for!

Praise God who tears down the dividing wall of hostility that we were also able to proclaim His “Forgiveness” and unity with “Bleed the Same” on the Minnesota State engraving after the official program was done also!!

Thanks to all our dancers and their families who took time out of their day to come to the capitol in order to lift up the name of Jesus, as well as intercede for forgiveness and unity!


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