Reset 2018 this Saturday (1/20)

Summary:  Join us in ministering two dances at Women of Worship with Solace Ministries International on Jan. 20!!  Please wear WHITE/BLACK and arrive at 1:15 pm at Seward Church/Firehouse Chapel.  More details below.

We will be ministering at the 2018 Inaugural service of Women of Worship, hosted by Solace Ministries International, in MN.  The theme is “2018 is our season of OPEN HEAVENS. To experience open heavens, we have to reset our thoughts, goals, ambitions… by aligning them to the will of God.”  Let’s enter God’s courts with praise and His gates with thanksgiving, as we enter into this new year of ministry!! 

For those who were maybes or have not yet contacted us: please let us know by Friday, 1/19, if you can come!!  Thanks so much!  We look forward to ministering with you this Saturday!!

DATE:  Saturday, January 20

TIME:   Event is 2-4 pm.  Arrive by 1:15 pm for practice

LOCATION: Seward Church/Firehouse Chapel, 2011 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404


WHAT TO WEAR: WHITE/BLACK   Please wear a plain white shirt (long sleeves preferred but short sleeves are fine) and black pants/capris/culottes.  Nude/flesh colored dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Skirts, wraps, and/or overlays will be provided.

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