Omega Fire Healing Crusade – July 18 & 19

Omega Fire!!! It’s time for Revival Fire and Healing in Minnesota! We’ve been invited to dance on July 18 and 19 at the Healing Miracle Crusade with Apostle & Rev. (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman  presented by Omega Fire Ministries Minnesota at Roy Wilkin’s Auditorium in St. Paul.  Mark your calendars!

We will be dancing one choreographed piece during each session (9 am & 6 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday), plus free dancing while band plays.  They are blessing us with parking passes for the dancers so please let us know when you will be coming, so we can let them know the number needed!    Please join us in praying for the crusade!


What choreographed songs are we doing and when?

“God’s Not Dead,”  “Revelation Song,” and we are praying about the other two.  We are seeking God about the order as well.

Will there be a practice?

Yes.  We’ve made inquiries and hope to let you know soon.  The date will fall between July 10 and July 17.

What will we be wearing?

Depending on the song either black or white tops and bottoms with an overlay.





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