Night of Worship on April 22! (Details)

Summary:  Please wear BLACK/BLACK and arrive at 4:45 pm to practice for dancing during the Night of Worship (6 pm) on Saturday, April 22, at LovePower Ministries!  Links to location and song are listed below!

Join us and invite others to come on Saturday, April 22, at 6 pm with Solace Ministries International at LovePower Ministries for a multi-ministry John 17 gathering that celebrates the centrality of Jesus bringing unity in diversity!  Freedom to Dance will minister one choreographed song during the night and free dance the rest of the time. Supper will be served after the event ends (approx. 7:30 pm).

Location:  LovePower Music & Miracles Ministries:  1407 Washington Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55454

Practice:  4:45 pm.


What to wear: BLACK/BLACK:  Please wear a plain short or long sleeved black shirt or your Freedom to Dance black shirt.  Wear black pants.  Dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Overlays will be provided.





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