Thanks for New Donations!

plarnmat blessingbag

Thank you all for coming early or staying late last night!  God is putting everything together!

Thanks also for the new donations as well!! Here is an updated list:

  1. $5 bills – 6
  2. Bags – 12
  3. Beef Snack Sticks – 32
  4. Bibles – 10
  5. Cards – 7
  6. Crackers
  7. Deodorant – 3
  8. Granola Bars – 24
  9. Soap/Shampoo – 7
  10. Socks – 10 pairs
  11. Toothbrush – 2
  12. Toothpaste – 3
  13. Wet Wipes Travel Packs – 3
  14. Hats – 3

We will be putting the bags together during our Christmas party next week at Hosanna! Please bring any further donations for the Blessing Bags and plastic bags for Halfens’ mats for the homeless project on Tuesday, December 13!  Thanks so much!

This is what a formerly homeless man, who is now a regular volunteer at Breakthrough, said about the plarn mats: “ This is a great cause. My sleeping bags would get wet< when I was under the bridge.




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