Praise & Prayer Night Tonight!


Come To Faith Covenant Church in Burnsville and join in a special night of Praise and Prayer tonight, Tuesday November 8th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. In lieu of rehearsal we will be having a special time of prayer and praise for our country reaffirming our Faith and Hope is firmly rooted and grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the Lord has led us to include whoever would like to join Freedom To Dance in this; we will focus on the real King and Ruler of our nation as our country goes to the Ballot Box to cast their vote for our new President and other elected officials. We believe it’ll be a Wonderful and Powerful night! God bless you and we look forward to seeing you at Faith Covenant Church in the lower level youth room the north side (park in the lower/north side lot and come in the double doors, we’ll just be to the left). We will have flags and other worship instruments but you can certainly bring your own as well. God bless you and keep praying for our nation.

Jolene Marek & Cheryl Johnson, Freedom To Dance.

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