Breakthrough Thanksgiving, Sun Nov 22

Summary:  Dancers please wear WHITE OR BLACK/BLACK (see details) and arrive by 5 p.m. at Breakthrough on Nov. 22 to practice for the 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Sunday service!  Links to songs below: “God’s Not Dead,” “I Am Free,” and “I Am.”

All Freedom To Dance members and families are invited! 

We will be leading worship by dancing during the service.

Location:  Oliver Christian Ministry Center:  2647 Bloomington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN

Practice:  5:00pm.  If time, you can go join the community dinner to eat and/or talk with people.  Or have a family member get plates of food for themselves and dancer(s).

Community Dinner Time:  5:00-6:00 pm.  Family members are encouraged to show up early to help with the dinner portion.  You may serve food and/or talk with those in attendance. For more information and to volunteer to help, visit:  Breakthrough Ministries Only a few spots left for volunteering!!

Church Service:  6:00-8:00 pm.  We will be dancing during the first part of the church service.  If you need to leave after we dance, no problem!  Please arrive by 5:00pm to practice in the worship area.  We will have time to run through the songs 1-2x.


What to wear: BLACK OR WHITE/BLACK:  Square dancers please wear a plain short or long sleeved shirt – #1’s  wear black and #2’s wear white.  Those not in the square dance can wear either color shirt.  Everyone is to wear black pants.  Dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Square dancers please wear or bring your skirts, overlays will be provided for others.

Come ready to thank the Lord for all He has done!

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