Breakthrough Ministries and Fiesta!

We look forward to leading worship through dance on the fourth Sundays of the month during the Breakthrough church services!

You are invited to come free dance during the service on September 28.  We will have prepared specific songs starting October 26.  Church services are at 6:00.  For September 28 please wear black pants and your Freedom to Dance t-shirt.

We have also been invited to dance as part of a Fiesta by Pastor Jose’ of Breakthrough!  The fiesta will be on Saturday, October 11 from 1-6 pm.  Oliver Christian Ministry Center, 2647 Bloomington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN

Please see the events page of our website for more details regarding the volunteer opportunities available at Breakthrough.  Also, come for supper at 5 pm and get to know the people of Breakthrough Ministries!


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Worship Dance Coach
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