River Of Life – Evening Concert – Sat Feb 22 Details

Attention All Worship Dancers!  You’re Invited!

(For more details on the full workshop & concert, go to the previous post)

ATTENTION FREEDOM TO DANCE!  The rest is for you…

We will be dancing in the evening finale’ concert at 6:00 pm, Saturday Feb 22

Location:  River of Life Christian Church, 739 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

Kids: “Shake” by Mercy me.  Come dressed in a 1950’s style outfit.  You may choose to wear sunglasses if you would like.  Try to have hair tied up in a high ponytail.  We talked about outfit choices at practice.  If you have any questions about this, please email us: freedomtodancemn@gmail.com

  • Practice:  We should be able to practice the song on stage at 5:30, so please arrive no later then 5:30.  Meet upstairs in the worship area.
  • We are trying to have this song towards the start of the concert so that the little ones can leave to go home after the song and not have to stay the entire evening.

Teens/Adults: “Overcomer” by Mandissa.  If you will be dancing “Shake” with the kids, come dressed in your 1950’s outfit (as referenced above). This song will be towards the start of the evening.  You’ll be able to change later.  For “Overcomer” have black pants and a long-sleeve black shirt.  Overlay will be provided.

  • Practice:  We should be able to practice the song around 5:00, so arrive by then and meet upstairs if possible.  We will probably only get one chance to practice and then can go into the hall to practice. 

We are hoping and praying that all of our dancers will be able to attend this evening concert.  We’ve been dancing in this event for over 10 years.  It’s so full of diversity in color choices, styles, and dance.  It’s an amazing display of God’s variety in worship.  Bring guests to watch.  There will be a free-will offering during the event.

See ya Saturday!


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1 Response to River Of Life – Evening Concert – Sat Feb 22 Details

  1. nancy beard says:

    i had the priviledge to participate in this workshop and concert!  what blessings!   do you have a video of the entire concert i can purchase?  please let me know,  thanks and have a great day!

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