Breakthrough Night!

What an amazing night it was at Breakthrough’s new church location in Mpls.  Our dance team was blessed to be able to present 4 dances during worship, led by none other than Jon Russel.  Our girls and young ladies did fabulous worshiping the Lord through the songs. It was a joy to watch them.  We were able to listen to an inspiring sermon by Pastor Pete about the healing of the lame man from the book of John.  Plus, we were able to join some of the homeless people in a lasagna dinner, fellowshiping and praying.  We all loved “Roxy” the yellow lab.  Her owner is George, a homeless man found under a bridge with his trusted dog (which he got off of Craig’s list for free).

If anyone has any pics, please share them so we can post on our blog:

Thanks everyone for a wonderful night!  Our next event there will be for their Thanksgiving meal on Nov 17.  Hope everyone can make it!

Breakthrough Ministries needs volunteers every Sunday to help feed the homeless.  They provide meals, clothes, and more.  If you would like to volunteer and/or donate, please contact them through their website:

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