Oct 8 – Video in The Park – We need you!

It was a wonderful night for our ministry as we worshiped in our new space with old and new friends learning the choreography of two songs:  one new and one old.  We were reminded about trusting God’s word (John 17:17) and that we should lean on His truth in all of our circumstances.  It is so true.  We waited on the Lord’s timing and trusted him through all of our circumstances last year.  He truly blessed Freedom to Dance.  He provided a great new space at Faith Covenant for our ministry to continue to meet. 
I spoke with a fourth grade dancer named Sarina tonight.  She came tonight to reconnect with old friends.  For her family the change to Tuesday night is a blessing.  Last year she had to make a choice between dance and choir since they were on the same night but this year she can do both.  She wants to shout out to all her 4th and 5th grade friends.  She is asking for all of you to come and check out the new space that God has arranged for our ministry.  It is simply awesome!
Next week we are ALL meeting at 6:00 because we want to practice our new song “Gods Not Dead” before we go to a local park, “Heart of the City” to video tape the dance at 6:30.
Please prayerfully consider getting involved again.  Have a great week!
Stephanie Cin
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