Dance Season 2013-2014 Update

Hello All,

We pray that you’ve all had a refreshing and blessed summer!
We are in the process of planning the dance season for 2013-2014.
1)  Good Shepherd Church has been so gracious and accommodating to us last spring and they have offered up their church again this fall; however, they also have a school at their church, so at the end of October, their basketball team uses the gym for their nightly practices.  At this point, we would not be able to start dance until 7:30pm, which is too late for our little ones.  So, we have a dilemma.  Though we would want to continue there, it won’t work for the basketball months of Oct-Feb.  We have three churches right now that we are trying to get answers back if they have space one night a week for our group.  As of right now, we have not gotten answers back from them.  We need your help in prayer about our space requirements.  Also, if you know of any churches or other space we could use (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday night), please let us know and if you would contact them to see, that would be most appreciated.  We are hopeful that God has a door that will open for this ministry to continue.
2) If you are planning on returning this season, please email us back so that we can get a count on the number of people we would need to accommodate.
3) Our plans for this year, if we are able to continue, will be to start working with Breakthrough Homeless Ministries once a month.  Our focus will be on preparing worship songs to dance at this church.  We would like to invite all our dancers and their parents to join us in serving the homeless of Mpls/St Paul.
4) We are uncertain of a start date right now as we await approval on a plan for the remainder of the year.  Hopefully, we would anticipate starting on Sept 12 or Sept 19.
Thank you for your prayers and your response on your attendance this year!
God bless!
Steph & Terriann
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