April 28 – Serving The Homeless

Freedom To Dance will be serving and dancing this Sunday, April 28 at BreakThrough Church in St Paul.  

Several of you have signed up to help us serve the homeless this night.  This church is a very special church because it is specifically geared towards helping the homeless.   There are still some spots left to sign up if you have not done so and can help out in various ways.  
*This is not just for the dancers to sign up, but parents, siblings, other family, friends, and more to participate with you in serving.
Our dancers will be dancing during the worship service of church.  Service goes from 5:00-6:15 pm.
What to wear:  Black or purple dance tshirt and jeans and/or pants.  We are being casual to fit in better with our environment.
Practice:  We will be running through the songs a couple of times at 5:30pm
Thanks!  Hope you can attend!  This is a great opportunity to serve as a family!

Hospitality Hour 4-5 pm

Service 5-6:15 pm

Meal 6:30-7:30 pm

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