April 28 – Sign Up To Help Minister; Feed The Homeless

Sign Up Now!

April 28 BreakThrough Ministries Homeless Night


We’ve got an amazing opportunity to serve!

Sign up to help out BreakThrough Ministries by providing meals for the homeless, as well as participate in serving, cleaning, greeting, praying, etc.  There are many options available.

Freedom To Dance will be taking care of the entire April 28 evening as we’ve already committed to serving for the night.  We are counting on our parents and dancers to fill the needs of the day.  Please consider which option you and/or your dancer would like to help with.  We can definitely have more than what is required.

We will also be dancing this evening at worship service.  Praise God!  What a gift to be able to share with the church!

You may also invite neighbors, friends, or family members to attend with us.

BreakThrough Ministries


Every Sunday Breakthrough Ministries reaches out to the homeless in St. Paul. They conduct outreach events during the day and have a Church service and free meal for the homeless and surrounding community each Sunday evening.


Hospitality Hour 4-5 pm

Service 5-6:15 pm

Meal 6:30-7:30 pm

Individuals, Families, or Groups can sign up to help with any and all parts of the day

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