Join Us For Easter!

Hello Twin Cities Dancers,
Freedom To Dance has been working with Heart of the City band to establish a date, time, and location for dancing for Easter.  So far, it’s looking like it will be at MOA on Sat, March 30, but this is not yet confirmed, but we wanted to inform you of potential plans so that you might start to prepare and notify others.  We are asking all those with a dancing heart for the Lord to join us in celebration of the Risen Savior for Easter.  We would like to gather 100’s in the name of Jesus and share our passion for Him with others.  This dance is fairly easy to learn.  You can learn it at home in front of your computer and then join us for the event.
What:  Join us learning an easy mob-style dance of “Resurrection Chant” by Heart of the City,
Where:  Dance the song as a unified dance group at MOA (to be approved)
When:  Tentative date, March 30, time unknown
Wear:  Dress in normal street clothes
How:  Learn dance online.  Instruction video is on our website and facebook.  
To keep informed of this and all events, make sure to subscribe/follow to this website (link on right) and facebook page:
Let us know you’re coming by joining our facebook event:!/events/399387866822229/
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