Feb 23 Dance Event Details – Hope to see you there

Hello Freedom To Dance Dancers,

We have one more practice at Hosanna! in the Activity Center on this Thurs, Feb 21 at normal times. We will be finalizing our plans for our Feb 23 event in St Paul. If you are planning on dancing on Saturday, it’s important that you are able to make this practice.

NO PRACTICE ON FEB 28 as we do not have space, so we’ll be taking a week off and then moving to Good Shepherd on March 7.

Our Freedom To Dance groups will be dancing at the River of Life Praise Event on Saturday, Feb 23 at 6:00 pm. This is also open to other churches and groups, so we’re hoping to see many partnering with ROL.

River of Life Directions: http://www.riveroflife-cc.net/locations__directions.html

This is a praise event where churches from around the cities unite in celebration of dance. Each group (and some soloists/duets) present worship pieces to the congregation. We’ve been attending this event for so many years, I cannot count. It is an amazing cultural experience just for Jesus. We highly encourage you to participate in this event. Parents (and anyone else) is invited to come to sit through the event. The event is free; however, they do take an offering.

Freedom To Dance will be dancing:
Joy & Alleluia Dancers: What the Lord Has Done For Me
Spirit Dancers: Me Without You
Glory Dancers: Resurrection Chant

For the evening event, we will be setting up our spacing and practicing, so please arrive by:

Sat, Feb 23 6:00 starting time of event

4:00pm – Glory Dancers
4:30pm – Spirit Dancers
5:00pm – Alleluia & Joy Dancers

When you arrive, ask the person at the door where “Freedom To Dance” has their things. We will be given a room to put our coats. If we are not in the room at the time, go upstairs to the sanctuary.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress in all black – black pants and a plain black shirt. Make sure that pants and shirt are not too tight. Make sure that when you raise your hands up that stomachs do not show. No tank tops or scoop or v-neck shirts. We are to remain modest in our dress. For feet, barefoot or dance shoes.

LOCATION OF EVENING EVENT: 759 Summit Ave, St Paul, River of Life Christian Center (It tooks a little like an office-type building and not a traditional looking church).

RSVP FOR EVENING: If you are coming for the evening event, please RSVP to us so that we can see how many will be coming. TEENS – You need to know if you are coming by next Thurs. Please find out! You’ll also need to be at the 21st practice.


There will also be a workshop from 9am – 12pm that day. There will be a couple different teachers. I have been blessed to be one of the teachers. I will be teaching for an hour on streamers, flags, and billows. The workshop is open from kids age 10+ – adults. Several of us are already signed up. Cost is $25 for adults. $20 for kids. The cost includes lunch. If you have your own streamers and/or flags, please bring them. If you will be going to the workshop, please email rolcc_@msn.com to confirm. You can pay at the door.

After the workshop, we will be teaching the dance portion for the Easter dance event at the Mall of America. Everyone is welcome to join, including parents and all others.

See you on Thursday! We will be practicing our event songs!

-Terriann, freedomtodancemn@gmail.com

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