Dancing at Breakthrough on Jan 19

ONE PRACTICE FOR THIS EVENT:  January 14 at Faith!  Hope you can come!

All Freedom To Dance members and families are invited!

We will be leading worship by dancing during the service.

Location:  Oliver Christian Ministry Center:  2647 Bloomington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN, http://www.breakthroughmn.org

Practice:  5:00-5:30pm.  After, you can go to the community dinner to eat and/or talk with people.  You may also show up earlier if you want to help prepare the meal.

Community Dinner Time:  5:00-6:00 pm.  You are encouraged to show up early to help with the dinner portion.  You may serve food and/or talk with those in attendance.

To sign up to help with the dinner portion:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0F4CA5AC2B0-breakthrough   They are always in need of donations as well, so if you can help out in any way, visit their website to donate:  www.breakthroughmn.org

Church Service:  6:15-8:00 pm.  We will be dancing during the first part of the church service.  If you need to leave early due to getting kids to bed, no problem!  Please arrive by 4:30pm to practice in the worship area.  We will have time to run through the songs 1-2x and then will be helping with the dinner from 5-6pm.

Songs:  When Heaven Came Down, Here With Us, God’s Not Dead, I Will Follow

What to wear:  Please dress in all black – plain black shirt (short or long sleeve, no vnecks or tanks), and plain black pants.  Dance shoes or barefoot is fine.  Overlays will be provided.

Hope to see you then!

LOOKING AHEAD:  Our next Breakthrough night is Sun, Feb 16.

And, if you haven’t LIKED our Freedom To Dance facebook, it is:  www.facebook.com/freedomtodance 

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